What You Should Never Do With Your Pressure Washers


Summers are coming soon & you must be planning to wash your homes to look great. You must also be planning to wash your cars before they hit the road. All these tasks can be done beautifully and quickly through pressure washers. However, there are some things that one should avoid doing with pressure washers since they can also be dangerous. It can save your time, energy, and much more before you store it again for 3 to 4 months.

Actually,  pressure washers are able to work efficiently by blasting the pressurized water on the targeted surface. This can become quite risky if you don’t take proper measures. Following is the advice by experts to help you use your pressure washer safely.

Wrong Settings In  Pressure Washers

Choosing the wrong setting in your pressure washer can cause a real disaster. If your pressure washer is just a basic system then you don’t need to worry much about the setting. However, if you have bought some advanced-level pressure washers then it may include different shapes and strengths of your jet spray.

A variable-fan jet is considered the most suitable for washing decking, cars, or chipped areas. It is because of the varying force of the jet.

Rotary jets are considered ideal for the removal of ingrained soil and dirt.

The Angled lances are very helpful in washing and cleaning garden furniture and car’s undersides.

In case you bought a fixed jet, you should spray a little far from the surface otherwise it can cause real damage.

Not Using A Cleaning Attachment In  Pressure Washers

A cleaning attachment reduces the dirty water that flies around during the cleaning process. It consists of a brush and a plastic hood. The hood consists of jets that are quite helpful to remove the dirt.

If you are washing the patio then you should always use the cleaning attachment since it can save your energy, time, and money.

If you don’t use a cleaning attachment then it can consume a lot of your time.

Wearing Wrong Shoes

Wearing the wrong shoes while using your pressure washer can cause injuries. You should always avoid wearing flip-flops and shorts while you are pressure washing. Since it’s a dirty job, it will make you wet and dirty.

You should invest in high-quality waterproof trousers and a pair of wellies so that you can do the cleaning job perfectly.

Blasting  Pressure Washers At Your Car

If you will blast high-pressure water from your pressure washer directly at the car, then it can also break the glass. You have to take care while washing your car with a  pressure washer. Some of the tips are given below :

First of all, you should not park your car on a gravel surface. It is because when you will blast the water then stones from gravel can cause high damage to your car.

Start with a 5-8cm wide jet by washing the top layer. You should keep it wider on windows.

Don’t forget to apply a detergent while washing your car.

Wash off the dirt from the surface. If you got a fixed jet, try to stand a meter away while washing your car.

Removal Of Weeds Through Patio Cleaning Attachment

It can be quite risky if you are planning to wash and remove the mortar between the slabs. You shouldn’t wash them with your pressure washer rather remove them by hand. You can also make use of weed killers that are helpful in killing the old and existing weeds.