The Balance Between Speed And Storage With Honor 50 8/256 GB

The market is getting more and more saturated. The race to produce the best phone has led to many poor-quality products, making consumers lose faith in brands. A modern-day smartphone can do a lot. But it also needs to be able to store a lot. A smartphone that can’t offer enough storage is not entirely helpful.

It’s frustrating when you’re in the middle of your day, and you need to take a break to transfer some things over, or worse yet, delete something you needed for a project. You don’t worry about running out of space and having to delete something important.

Because honor 50 8/256gb has enough storage to fulfill are your needs. The honor 50 comes with 2556 GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot that supports up to 256 GB – which means enough space for over 4,000 songs or around 100 hours of videos.

Advantages Of Honor 50

There are various advantages of honor 50. Some are given as:

Graphics Processing Unit

A graphics processing unit (GPU) is an electronic circuit that performs high-speed mathematical calculations to produce image data to create graphics in a frame buffer memory. GPU in Honor 50 can intelligently optimize and accelerate game graphics, visual effects, and overall performance by allocating resources and increasing efficiency through better hardware-software integration.

The Honor 50 comes with the latest Adreno 642L GPU. The hardware can deliver premium graphics performance and overall smoothness, essential for gaming and images.

High Contrast Ratio

Honor 50 has magic UI 3.1 that provides a smooth, intelligent, simple, and secures mobile experience. Honor 50 features that enhance the contrast ratio, such as 120Hz refresh rate display and 300Hz touch sampling rate, will reduce screen flicker and rapid response to your lightening-swipe and sliding-touch motion.

A higher contrasts ratio means the picture is less affected by external lights that distort the colors. Honor 50 can produce a broad spectrum and display more colors, making better image quality with richer colors closer to life-like.

Smart Bokeh Camera

Smart bokeh camera is standard on DSLR cameras, but Honor 50 is among the smartphones to include it. Bokeh is a photographic feature that blurs the background and highlights the subject of photos, making it stand out. The optical image stabilization technology helps to reduce blur by controlling the movement of the lens in low-light situations or when you’re shooting moving subjects.

This AI-powered honor 50 can also detect up to different scenes and subjects to adjust automatically for the perfect photo. 2 MP bokeh camera (f/2.4 aperture) make your subject more attractive and clear.

Supports Multiple Audio Formats

An audio format is characterized by its sampling frequency, the number of bits per sample (resolution), the number of channels, stereo, quadrophonic sound, and whether it uses in a codec such as mp3 or FLAC. Your audio format is the way your speaker outputs sound.

Which option you choose depends on your setup. The honor 50 supports various audio formats and decoders, giving you high-quality sound when listening to music or watching videos. 3.5mm jack support makes it easy to listen to your favorite music while on the go.

Active Noise Reduction

Noise reduction, sometimes known as audio noise reduction and often abbreviated, removes noise from a signal. It actively reduces low-frequency ambient noise, such as engine noise inside an airplane cabin or train carriage. It is widely used to improve recording quality, whether analog recordings or digital.

The honor 50 active noise sensor monitors the airspace inside and outside the earbud. It generates an ‘anti-noise’ signal of equal amplitude to neutralize background sounds in real-time without affecting audio quality. Honor 50 helps to improve voice clarity.