How To Maintain The Life Of Your Dell Battery

Dell is one of the most popular laptop or computer brands in the world. Millions of clients own Dell laptops. Their popularity can be attributed to their superior quality. However, one of the most common challenges that owners face is maintaining their dell batteries. More often than not, owners have to acquire new dell batteries. In this write-up, we look at how to maintain dell battery health.

Tips for maintaining dell battery health

Below are some tips for maintaining your dell batterie

1. Keep it unplugged

One of the easiest ways to maximize your dell laptop battery’s life is by keeping your machine unplugged. This means that you should try to keep your laptop unplugged when you are using it. Keeping your machine plugged means that your battery will keep charging at all times. This will overwork your battery and keep it from functioning correctly after a while.

Doing this will affect the health of your battery. After some time, the dell battery will start holding a charge for a shorter time than usual. It may reach a point where the battery cannot hold a charge; hence, you have to use your laptop while plugged in. To keep this from happening, always charge your battery to full capacity, then unplug it until it needs to be recharged again.

2. Turn off your laptop when it is not in use

Another easy way to maximize your dell battery’s health is by turning your laptop off when it is not in use. This is a great way to save electricity and also protect your laptop. It will keep your laptop battery healthier and for longer.

In the same breath, it would also help if you turned off features like Bluetooth and any software that you are not using at the moment. Sometimes, you may have to turn off your laptop for a few minutes, even when using it. You will need to do this if you notice your laptop heating up or the fan running exceptionally loudly.

3. Store it separately from your laptop for long-term storage

You may have to store your laptop away for a long time for various reasons, i.e., if you are travelling, moving to a difirent location, or for any other reason. In such cases, you shouldn’t keep your battery inside the laptop when doing this. Keeping your dell battery inside the laptop during long-term storage could adversely impact the machine and the battery’s life. Therefore, it would be best to separate the battery from the machine, then stored it in a warm and dry location. This is especially the case with lithium-ion batteries.

However, note that some laptops have built-in batteries. If you own such a laptop, you do not have to worry about taking your laptop apart to take the battery out. These laptops are designed so that storing your laptop with the battery will not cause adverse impacts.


The tips mentioned above are pretty simple and easy to follow. This means that you do not have to jump through hoops or have any technical know-how to maximize and maintain your laptop battery’s health. Note that the tips may differ from one type or brand of laptop to the next.