How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?

The speed of an electric bike depends on the amount of energy you exert on its pedal. It may go slow or faster according to the effort you put into it. Thus you have maximum control over your bike speed and may easily cross regular road cycles with the fastest electric bike.

Regarding electric bikes, how fast do they travel? These bikes are optimized for maximum speed. Unlike road bikes, e-bikes are equipped with a motor that enables you to easily adjust its speed while riding.

An average E-bike may travel at a speed of up to 20mph. Electric bikes can only go a maximum of 28mph and cannot exceed this limit. Even highly powerful electric bikes possess a speed of 28 mph.

Electric Bikes Go Longer Distances in Less Time

An electric bike is an innovative product recently introduced in the market. It has a rechargeable battery can boost your riding speed up to 28mph.

You do not need to pedal as powerfully on a regular road bike, as your electric bike’s motor does this work for you. Moreover, these are classified into 3 classes, and every class has a different speed.

Electric Bikes are Categorized into 3 Classes Based on Their Speed.

Electric bikes are classified into three categories based on wattage, operation, and speed.

Class 1

Class 1 E-bikes have a motor that functions only when you push its pedal. So, these bikes possess a pedal-assist working mechanism. It means the bike is not fully functional even with the fully charged battery if you don’t push its pedal.

You may enjoy a speed of 20mph with this class bike, while it has 750W motor wattage. You may ride longer miles and save battery power with these bikes.

Class 2

E-bikes in this class travel with a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. The only difference is that a throttle activates its drive system. Therefore, You can either press a button or spin the throttle device, which is commonly found on bike handles.

Class 2 bikes have both pedal assistance and throttle system. Additionally, You can travel at a speed of fifteen miles per hour, and the electric bike’s maximum speed is 24 miles per hour along with the pedal assistance. Women’s specific bikes available in the market mostly belong to this class.

Class 3

Bikes under this category may not require throttles but possess upgraded motors with a power of 750W. You can move 28mph at full speed if you have an electric bicycle that belongs to Class 3.

Besides their speed, these bikes have specific rules as well. Because of their high speed, only people aged 17 or above are legally allowed to drive these bikes. You should have a motor license and fulfil other vital requirements for deriving these e-bikes.


An electric bike is a novel solution for those with less energy in biking but who desire to travel long distances. With an E-bike electronic driving system, your bicycling experience is levelled up. Furthermore, you don’t have to push very hard on its pedal, because these bikes mostly have a pedal assistance mechanism.

However, in addition to these advances, you should always consider your need for an electronic bike and how fast electric bikes go. As high speed may cause accidents or injuries, finding the appropriate electric bike speed for yourself is mandatory. A maximum recommended speed is upto 15mph for those newly riding electric bikes.