Conclusive Guideline Regarding Components of Rotary Screw Compressors

If you are thinking of buying a screw compressor then it’s a wise act to gather some basic information about it so that you don’t have to face any kind of confusion while buying it. Some complexes must be clear so that you don’t have to regret it after buying the wrong screw compressor.

The working and most important components should be known to every person so that the buying procedure will become easier. Moreover, it will be beneficial to know the platforms where a rotary screw compressor can be utilized and how its components can make a work trouble-free. So, let us drive to the road of our screw compressor components guidelines.

Intro to Screw Compressor

Screw compressors refer to air compressors that have a piston so that air can be burst even into a small space after compressing the compress to be collected in a separate tank. These kinds of compressors are budget friendly and are highly preferred for a long time.

The upgraded form of screw compressor is a rotary screw compressor that costs a bit more than traditional screw compressors. They come up with numerous features that make them the best choice for a compressor. They operate using a tank that stores the air in the compressed form and in this way, the volume of the air is reduced as it moves down the rotor.

In short, we can say that different air tools and tires can be powered easily using this compressed air. The market is full of air compressors having distinct features and specifications.

Components of Screw Compressor

The components of a rotary screw compressor are mentioned below along with their detail.

Air Ends

There will be no exaggeration in saying that the component that is considered the heart of a screw compressor is the air end. Air ends refer to that part of a screw compressor where the compressor of air is done.

Air Filter

If such kind of air enters the system that is not good then it will directly affect it’s working hence an air filter is used so that the air can be filtered. This filter may be connected remotely to the compressor or maybe direct.

Primary Separator Tank

Compressed air is mixed in the compressor oil after leaving the air end then this mixture enters the primary separated tank. Here, oil is separated from air using special techniques.

Secondary Separation Filter

The oil-free air is then welcomed by a secondary separation filter where the remaining oil particles are gathered and sent back to the primary system. It may be possible that this filter is attached to the primary separation tank or built remotely.

Oil Filter

Because of having a closed-loop oiling system, an oil filter is the most important component. Its working includes storage of loose particles if any so that they don’t enter the air compressor system. Similar to the secondary separation filter, it can also be used separately or mounted with the filter manifold.

Oil Cooler

A great amount of heat will be produced by the air-compressing system hence it’s important to cool down the liquid that is heated up during the procedure. Cool and clean air is used by the cooler in cooling down the oil.


Hoses are used to move air and oil between the components of an air compressor. The hoses used in the system must fulfill the pressure and heat requirements of the screw compressor components.

Used Oil

The most important component that means a lot for a screw compressor system is the oil. It not only lubricates the system but also keeps the components from wearing out.

Wise Lines

Rotary screw compressors are the best way to power the tires and other air tools. Before choosing a screw compressor it’s very important to make sure that you must have basic info about its components as they are quite complex. Hence, understanding guidelines regarding screw compressors will be beneficial at all costs.