5 Reasons to Buy from Troxus Bikes

The e-bike industry has so many players – it can be challenging to pick just one. If you’ve shortlisted three to five brands and Troxus Bikes is included in your list, here are five reasons why you should invest in a Troxus E-bike:

1. Multiple E-Bike Models to Choose From

The brand has a line of electric bikes you can pick from. These include:

  • Vulcanus 26″ E-Bike: Comes with a powerful 750W rear hub motor, this class 2 e-bike features a fully-adjustable suspension and three riding modes.
  • Troxus SkyHopper 20″ Fat Tire Electric Bike: This all-black, class 2 electric bike boasts a powerful 750w rear motor with pedal assist, SHIMANO 7-speed Gear shift System, front lighting, and 20-inch puncture-resistant Fat tires.
  • Lynx 20” Fat Tire E-Bike: This red-and-black chunky class 2 e-bike boasts a large-capacity battery, all-terrain fat tires, and a low-gravity frame design.
  • Explorer series E-Bikes: Designed for adventurers looking to ride in snow, mud, sand, and all other terrains, this e-bike features big fat tires, 48V 20A high-power batteries, Tektro hydraulic disc brake, and a solid aluminum alloy frame.

2. Test-Ride Before Buying

In this digital age, it’s rare for people to conduct business face-to-face. Troxus Bikes is different because it offers professional ebike selection advice completely free of charge.

Whether you’re eyeing a particular model and want to try riding that e-bike or compare two or more models in person, the test ride Troxus Bikes offers is extremely useful.

To schedule an e-bike test ride:

  • Find the nearest Troxus host within your location. A Troxus host can be an e-bike dealer, retailer, or a fellow customer volunteering to showcase their own e-bike.
  • Schedule an appointment. Someone familiar with the Troxus brand will assist you throughout the test ride, so you can’t do an unannounced walk-in.
  • Meet, ride and buy. Arrive at the meeting place, ride the e-bike, and ask the expert some questions about the model; if you wish to purchase the e-bike on the spot, you’d have to check with the dealer for availability. If you’re lucky, you could ride one home.

3. Awesome Community

Troxus has a lively community with passionate riders who share their love for e-bikes.

Aside from Troxus’ social media pages, you can really feel the sense of community in user-provided e-bike review videos on the site.

4. All Accessories Available In-house

If you decide to buy an e-bike from Troxus, you don’t have to shop for accessories elsewhere.

The Troxus store has everything from thermal bags, rear rack bags, phone holder bike mount, pedal sets, kickstands, cable chain locks, front and tail lights, battery packs, and more.

The benefit of doing this is you won’t have to worry about compatibility. When you buy a battery pack from Troxus, you are 100% sure it will fit your e-bike like a glove.

5. Installment payments, Free Shipping, 15-Day Returns & 24-Month Warranty

After a successful bike test, you can purchase with the Troxus dealer. You can always order directly from the site if the model you want is unavailable.

Troxus Bikes offer interest-free installments with their partnership with affirm. Shipping is free, regardless of where you are located in the US.

The best thing about buying from the official store is that your purchase is protected by a 15-day return and 24-month warranty.